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How to order in Mexican

Guacamole    (Gwah-kah-MOH-lay)
Haas avocado, mashed with tomatoes, onions, lemon juice, garlic and spices.

Chorizo    (Cho-REE-zo)
Mildly spiced Mexican sausage.

Enchilada    (En-CHEE-lah-dah)
Soft corn tortilla filled with meat, chicken or cheese baked with sauce & cheese.

Tortilla    (Tor-TEE-yah)
Thin pancake like bread of whole, unbleached stone ground corn or wheat.

Taco    (TAH-ko)
A crisp corn tortilla folded and filled with meat or cheese and topped with a mild sauce, lettuce & tomatoes.

Chile Colorado    (CHEE-lay Co-lo-RAH-do)
A sauce made from dried chilies.

Burrito    (Boo-REE-toh)
A flour tortilla wrapped around your choice of filling.

Chimichanga    (Chee-me-CHAHN-gah)
A crisp fried burrito.

Chile Relleno    (CHEE-lay Ray-YAY-no)
A plump poblano pepper stuffed with cheese.

Tamale    (Tah-MAH-lay)
Homemade corn meal cakes stuffed with spiced beef, steamed in corn husks.

Provided by Santa Fe Mexican & Southwestern Cuisine in Tarrytown


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